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Introduction to Bigpixel Technology

Bigpixel Technology Corporation is a world-class innovative enterprise working on creative photography and cloud data processing. It has created its own model by connecting Internet, ten million pixels images with brand communication in China. Its debut, a 24.9 billion pixels image of Shanghai Bund, was released on October 2014. For the first time netizens could see the macro and micro view of a city on their mobile phones. Within one month, it got over 120 million hits, won international acclaim and was even cited by domestic and overseas main media.

Bigpixel Technology is constantly exploring business applications of big pixel creative photography and has created ten billion pixels Internet City Cards for Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen governments successively. At the same time, it has helped promoting famous brands including Huawei phone, Bentley and Minion with big pixel images.

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Introduction to big pixel panorama

How could a big pixel panorama image get millions of hits? The reason lies in that each big pixel panorama image is made up of thousands of pictures. Thus, it is 2000 times more accurate than pictures taken by traditional cameras. Moreover, its data capacity can reach hundreds of GB, which can display every detail of a city or a resort vividly. Taking advantage of cloud technology, you could zoom in or out easily on cellphones, which creates lots of excitement for users. Bigpixel Tech Technology is devoted to displaying a city with an image which integrates macro planning and micro life. Substitute narration with images and make virtual reality feel real.

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City Card Cases

Internet City Card of Shanghai Government

On July 2015, invited by Shanghai Information Office, Bigpixel Tech took a 360 degree big pixel panorama image of the entire Shanghai city with 195 billion pixels, setting the record of the largest image in Asia and the third largest in the world. The picture was released at the opening ceremony of Shanghai Week, Milan World Expo. Thanks to big pixel panorama, netizens now could witness the development of Shanghai on their cellphones or computers. They could even zoom in and observe its details and finally experience the charm of this fabulous city. The program received 8.2 million hits in one year and is currently put at the special column of Shanghai Release to showcase the city to the world as the new city card.

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Brand Internet Promotion of Bentayga SUV

On July 2016, Bigpixel Tech Technology and Bentley planned to take pictures of driving Bentley at a breathtaking spot and creating a luxury experience. Finally, we chose Yamdrok Lake in Tibet. netizens could explore the saint Tibet lake and they will discover a dim car on the winding road. When you zoom in, Bentayga will appear gradually and you will eventually see Bentley in the glass of the front light. Within half a year of its release, it received 4.3 million hits and netizens were amazed at Bentley’s spirit of everlasting pursuit for perfection.

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Astonishing numbers produced for creating this breathtaking image:
Planning-2 months,Altitude-4790 meters,Camera-450 thousand,Shooting-6 days
Data processing-2.4Tb,Final image size-69.7 billion pixels,Print size-200 meters long

Latest works

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Previous works

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24.9 billion pixel of Shanghai Bund panorama

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