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Nice is in the South of France. The French painter Henri Matisse commented, "when I realize I can see the sun every morning, you can't believe how happy I am." Nice is where Matisse never wanted to leave again.

Nice located between Marseille and Genoa in Italy, as the main tourist center and the first selection of Azure coast resort, although it is the territory of France, in terms of history, culture and language, it’s more like Italy. After been governed by France, France language, French food and French fine culture also blended in Nice city. All of these created a unique landscape of Nice.

Nice is France's fifth largest city, with white stone beaches and blue sea, leaning against the Alps, facing the Mediterranean Bay of Angels, with people sitting lazy in the sun, on the coast. Nice is a gathering place of so-called rich people. You can see a line of Mercedes taxis waiting for the distinguished guests, and the famous cars driving on the road are dazzling. Not to mention the bright and beautiful women and men wearing fashionable glasses in the street, maybe a famous person is passing by.

If the charm of Paris is described as a romantic lady, Nice should be a vigorous and passionate girl without losing elegance. In Paris, you meet art, but in Nice, you embrace passion.

The comfortable climate and bright sunshine endow Nice with permanent enthusiasm. Even in November, you can see people walking leisurely along the coast, or just lying on Mats comfortably.

Nice, a city nothing to do with pressure, is worth to go. The world is so big, let's step out