About the works

On 24th September 2017, bigpixel team came to Dandong, Liaoning Province,China, in hope of photographing the mysterious Sinuiju, North Korea across a river. We arranged hotel rooms upon arrival in Dandong. The weather was not quite ideal, so we could only look for something delicious and experience local custom. Dandong is a great place for eating seafood and roast meat, which have a high price-performance ratio. In addition, there are performances for watching on an old stage in the Andong Old Street. In this street, there are various local snacks which enjoy great popularity. Our task was photographing Sinuiju of North Korea on the opposite bank. We had to pay attention to weather changes any time, so we didn’t travel far to appreciate sceneries of Dandong. 4 days later, weather finally became favorable on 27th September when the PM2.5 was only 20. Thus, we could clearly see all details in Sinuiju, North Korea on the opposite bank. While watching them, we felt as if the people on the opposite bank were looking at us far away by taking advantage of the good weather.