Beijing Jingshan park - big pixel panorama

Outside the National Palace Museum located in the north. Jingshan Park covering 32.3 hectares, was Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of the Royal Imperial garden. Jingshan high Junba, Weng Yu trees, magnificent scenery, take overlooking the city for Beijing, laid on the city landscape of the best in it. In more than 600 years ago in the Yuan Dynasty, there is a small hill, the name "Castle Peak," said to the construction of the Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City, in this stacking of coal, there was a "Meishan" commonly called. Ming Yongle years, the excavation of a moat to the accumulation of this soil, the soil piled a tall mountain, called "Long Live the Mountain", also known as the "Town Hill." Jingshan is one of the early Qing Dynasty renamed. The mountains of five pavilion for the Qianlong years to build. At that time, the mountain jungles Biri, deer crane flocks, vibrant, very natural Yequ. Bianzhi the foot of the mountain flowers, Ceriops tagal, "after the orchard," said. Feudal emperors often to this flower, Xi Arrow, banquets, mountain view, is a beautiful Royal Garden.