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What do you firstly think of when talking about Dongguan? Today, let Bigpixel China open the door of Dongguan’s new world for you. Our photographer, though not very talkative, has an eye for new and interesting corners of the world.

Talking about the experience of shooting Dongguan, the photographer only said that the time was too short, there is no wonderful experience, but Guangdong Roast wax is still fresh in mind. To tell the truth, Dongguan has so much good materials, I won't let go of course. I also want to develop "looking for your younger sister" spirit, explore the stories behind this city.

Dear, are you hungry? We will set up a table of Dongguan’s visual feast just for you!



When we open the official website of Dongguan people's government, we find the logo and slogan of Dongguan in the upper left corner.Two blooming Guanxiang flowers, is the unique natural resources in Dongguan. Not only with the people low-key pragmatic, indomitable character, but also full of vitality.Vitality is the most shining label of Dongguan.


In the large photos of Bigpixel China, you will also find the details of vitality, which are interspersed in every corner of the city.

Foremost is the city's symmetrical aesthetics. Just like Wes Anderson, the American director, visited Dongguan, he gave high compliments to the city. The following, you will enjoy, Dongguan people's government, Dongguan Exhibition Hall, Dongguan conference building, Dongguan Yulan Grand Theater, Gongguan library.IMG_263IMG_264

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Oppositely looking, Dongguan's most distinctive landmark "Central Square" is on display in front of you. Like the guitar shape of the lake, all reflect Dongguan people's delicate and tender feelings. At night, the lights are bright and the lake seems to have been plucked. Every passer-by may be touched by the beautiful scenery. If you are careful enough, enlarge the photograph, you can discover more of those which belong to Dongguan people’s ingenuity.


▲ "Guitar" hides the sentiment in the small bar ©Bigpixel China

Living in Dongguan, you will be very happy. In addition to the mouth-watering roast goose, Lingnan's unique climate makes the city its green hue. It is rare for the government to build the central green space of the city, the "laurel garden". Of course, behind every spectacular scene, it hides the great work being paid silently.



▲ lotus pond and city builder © Bigpixel Shanghai

The perspective turns to the residential area, like a faint touch of green in a matchbox building. There are planted fruits and vegetables on the roof beyond your imagination. The world is hidden, but that's all.


▲ “the garden in the air" in residential area © Bigpixel Shanghai

This kind of wisdom that makes full use of space was also reflected in the shopping mall. The roof has been transformed into a parking lot, which has the feeling of "an ashram in a spiral shell".


▲ roof parking lot © Bigpixel Shanghai

People in Guangdong are known for enjoying life, not only reflected on the roof, but also on the green space below. In the afternoon time, some people leisurely walk, some people set up a tent with friends, breathing the fragrance of the grass, talking for a long time.


▲ Who does not yearn for such a life, just for asking? © Bigpixel Shanghai

If you're careful enough, you'll notice that on the right side of the picture, there's a building of large building work. Enlarge the photo, you will find this is "Dongguan international Exhibition Center". In fact, the convention and exhibition center has recently been transformed into "Dongguan citizen service center". Dongguan units windows to work together and the work efficiency has greatly been improved, offering great convenience to the citizens!


▲2018 exhibition center VS 2019 citizen center © Bigpixel Shanghai

From the exhibition center to the citizen center, Dongguan embodies the humanization of the city in details. Look at these photos, the current Dongguan, do you think is still the same?

In June 2019, Dongguan, Guangdong province, ranked 10th in China's urban economic competitiveness rankings. Dongguan is the only prefecture-level city in the top 10. Her core competitiveness is not difficult to reflect from the city spirit.

The city spirit of Dongguan is "embracing all rivers, being honest and pragmatic". "embracing all rivers" embodies the spirit of openness and inclusiveness of Dongguan, is a true portrayal of the spirit of Reform and Opening up in Dongguan; " being honest and pragmatic" reflects Dongguan people's hard-working and simple, courtesy and integrity of the humanistic spirit and practical, and pragmatic attitude to life.

More importantly, the power of the private economy cannot be underestimated. In 2018, the added value of Dongguan's private economy exceeded 400 billion RMB, reaching 410.549 billion RMB.

The permanent population was 8.4 million, and the total population was over 10 million. The proportion of the migrant population in the total population ranked first in China. Nowadays, the new and the old Dongguan people live in harmony and make contributions to the development of the city, which is a vivid portrayal of the city spirit of "embracing all rivers, being honest and pragmatic".

Here is "the world factory", is the world computer capital, the world toy capital, the world shoe industry capital, southern clothing city. OPPO, vivo was born in Dongguan, August 9 this year, Huawei Hongmeng new system release conference, is also held in Dongguan!


Dongguan shines in the field of softwares, the field of industry is also ranked first. Known as one of the new seven wonders of the world, the HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge has 72 piers built in Dongguan. The single pier weighs 3,510 tons, laying a solid foundation for the HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge.


There are many stories about Dongguan, and the legend of Dongguan will continue. Through vivid images, we want to show you a brand new Dongguan. You must take a visit to Dongguan, experience her different charm.


Replace the narration with vision, and experience the truth with details.

We explore the world with you!

Bob. Li

CEO of Bigpixel