Phi Phi Islands in Phuket Island – Big Pixel panorama

Precision: 42 billion pixel Time: April 2015 Place: Mahya Bay, Phi Phi Islands

Situated in 20km in the southeast of Phuket Island in Thailand, the Phi Phi Islands are sister islands including two main islands, and are also a national park of Thailand. It is a place deeply favored by sunshine. There are the most soft and white beaches, dark blue seawater and extremely gorgeous natural caves. They have become the world’s famous tourist and holiday resort because of its most primitive natural scenery.

The Big Pixel Team came to the Mahya Bay in Phi Phi Islands. There are huge cliffs which are nearly 100 m on its three sides and only a narrow marine outfall. With white beaches, clear and blue seawater and vast corals, it is a good place for diving and sight viewing. The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio starred, was filmed here so the unknown beach became world-famous.

We photographed on a relatively high reef so that we could record the beauties on the beach, everyone’s different expressions on their faces and the playful people on a distant boat. Here, you can get assimilated into nature with abandon and enjoy the seawater air. It is very environmental that the tap water is the desalted seawater.

Well, let’s keep amplifying the photo to feel every detail as if we are in the Mahya Beach.