Lhasa – Big Pixel

>Precision: 44.8 billion pixel Time: June 2016 Place: North Mountain, Lhasa

Lhasa means a holy land the Tibetan language. I’ve heard from my friends who had been there that you would be moved to tears because of its amazing beauty and you would get unsophisticated under the influence of the local people there. In June 2016, we were given the chance to visit the mysterious and challenging place.

When arriving in Lhasa, altitude stress may be the most direct experience of a person who lives inland for a long time. The oxygen content in the air here is 62% of that inland. Thus, I couldn’t sleep deeply at night and was always awakened by the physiological alarm due to the lack of oxygen so as to avoid syncope. Besides, the fresh air in Lhasa is most impressive and I even felt more clear-sighted then. It’s a pity that we didn’t see the milky river all over the sky because we needed climb mountains to take photos by carrying equipment weighing dozens of kilometers. We even spent one hour in climbing a hillside which is only more than 100 m high in Lhasa. Due to the lack of oxygen, our brains suffered a heavy impact from our hearts every time we moved forward, so we were totally exhausted after we stopped work and went downhill.

Interestingly, we met the Lhasa rural dog in the picture. On the way to go up the mountain, it began to follow us leisurely. When we were working, it was lying beside and napping without fear or any intention of begging for food. We got along with each other very naturally and it was good to have its company.

Okay! That’s all. Our travel notes cannot be compared with those of veterans, so I decide to show our high-pixel works to you because it is what we are good at.