Shanghai Lujiazui

As the economic pulse center of Shanghai, Lujiazui represents the result of China’s economic development since the reform and opening-up policy and also serves as a window to show China’s economic-take off to the world. Invited by Shanghai Municipal News Office, the Big Pixel Team created a city card of Shanghai, so the 195-billion-pixel super panorama of Lujiazui appeared. It successfully set the record of the first biggest photo of Asia and participated in the “Shanghai City Image Exhibition” of Milan Expo on behalf of Shanghai. During the exhibition period, such a HD image shocked the foreign friends, who were not only surprised at China’s advanced science and technology but also yearned for the prosperous city.

At the initial stage of creation, the Big Pixel Team decided to accept new challenges of taking photos with hundreds of billions of pixels by breaking the past limit of tens of billions of pixels. However, it’s extremely difficult. The previous splicing technology was no longer applicable. More images, bigger data treatment and network deployment and loading were new challenges. Regardless of such challenges, we were still full of fighting spirit and successfully overcame such difficulties one by one. After taking photos in the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 230 m high and after data treatment for two months, we successfully created this picture, the world’s third largest picture and Asia’s first largest picture, marking that our team became a top creative image production team of the world.

This is our first panorama with hundreds of billions of pixels. In the near future, we will create more ultra-pixel panoramas and will record and express the miniatures of the era in our ways.