Canton TV Tower – Big Pixel panorama

Precision: 44.8 billion pixel Time: August 2015 Place: Guangzhou Tower

Guangzhou, which is called “Ram City”, is a representative place of Lingnan culture. Not only it has a long history and rich cultural deposits, there are also various delicious snacks in Guangzhou, which, thus, is a fashion city integrating “famous cultural city”, “heaven for foodies” and “amazing shopping place”. The new axis, which has been completed in recent years, manifests the image of a cosmopolis and is a core region of Guangzhou. The Canton Tower, which is widely known as the “Slim Waist”, is located on the top of the axis, so it became the best choice for us to take photos of the beautiful Guangzhou. With a height of 600m, Canton Tower is the world’s second largest TV tower, only second to Tokyo Sky Treet TV Station. On the tower, every place cannot be hided in Guangzhou. Besides, people may ride the world’s highest ferris wheel, enjoying both the scenery and the thrill of danger. We photographed Canton Tower in June, which is in a rainy season. In order to capture the most beautiful Guangzhou, our team waited 10 days before taking more than 8000 photos, and then finished this big one after splicing.