Qingdao – Big Pixel panorama

Precision: 45 billion pixel time: November 2015 Place: Donghai Hotel Qingdao

Qingdao boasts its warm winter and cool summer. There are oceans on its three sides and mountains on its one side. We arrived at Qingdao in the best season to eat seafood and also to take photos. With the assistance of Qingdao Propaganda Department, the Big Pixel Team successfully reached, Donghai Hotel Qingdao, the best photographing site by the sea, where one can overlook the whole old urban area of Qingdao. In late autumn, Qingdao replaced its green coat with a colorful one. With the colorful autumn leaves setting off the 100-year-old buildings, it seemed that we were in Europe. On the seaside, there were groups of people, including a child picking up seafood, a bride viewing the scenery, a sea-fishing uncle and an old man challenging the extreme winter swimming. The hospitable Qingdao deserves our frequent visits.