The story of macau's old city area

Macao is located in the west of the pearl river delta on the southeast coast of China and connected with guangdong province in the north. West of wanchai and hengqin, it is composed of four parts: Macao peninsula, taipa island, coloane island and cotai city. In the total area of 32.8 square kilometers, more than 500,000 people live, which is the highest population density in the world.

Hu ge once wrote in the fifth anniversary activities of "a dream like a dream" : life is a rare practice, do not give up easily. Visitors to and from macau always have their own purposes, such as gambling or sightseeing, but few people pay attention. The long, narrow and clean streets and low railings have an ancient but undusty history. The long, steep, high and low inclined alley of matge, the french-style yapu well front, and the love alley where young couples must sign up for a trip to macau. This time, we will introduce you to the unusual stories of the ordinary streets of Macao. You will have the opportunity to travel to Macao to increase the width of your life.

Stroll along Macau street, which is by the familiar road start. Even if you stand in front of the torii of the big three buses, you don't need to worry. When you walk around the torii, you will be overwhelmed by the quiet afternoon sunshine on the inclined alley. Behind the third bus, there is a romantic lane full of love, where the movie Isabella starring liang luoshi was shot. Follow love lane to be able to wear the north section of street of big 3 ba, drill into an antique store or native place hand workshop at will, can have the scenery that you expect to be less than.

Macao street general idea

Street names in Hong Kong are often named after British celebrities. Street names in macau are similar, named after Portuguese military officials, dignitaries, or historical figures. There are also named after street functions, such as hospital back street, crazy hall inclined lane, etc. The "crazy hall alley", named in honor of the leprosy hospital that opened here, is the first infectious disease hospital set up by the west in China.

Arch of st Paul's cathedral - "three-dimensional bible"

The ruins of the great sanba are located on a hillside. This archway used to be the main gate of a church. According to reports, that church is called st. Paul's church, at that time was the largest, the largest number of believers, the best construction of the church. It was designed by an Italian jesuit priest and built with the help of Japanese craftsmen. The foundation was laid in 1602. One evening in 1835, the church caught fire and burned for more than two hours, leaving only the main gate of the resplendent church. The building quality of this main gate is really good, and it has survived for so long that it has become the most symbolic building in Macao.

ink Macao -- love lane

There is a slant lane between street of big 3 ba and street of big 3 ba right, the name is love lane. Street name originally comes from a Portuguese word, Travessa da Paixao, which means love, obsession and suffering. This lane is adjacent to the archway of da SAN ba. The Portuguese meaning of "passion" may be related to the passion story of Jesus Christ. Translated into Chinese, but evolved into "love" this romantic alley name. Because of the beauty, romance and mystery of love lane, love lane has also become the location for the movie Isabella.

In fact, the lane of love is no more than 50 meters long. As the shooting place of "Isabella", "you dragon and the showgirl", "game of death" and other films, the lane has become a new landmark.

Macau casino - make a name for yourself

Macao has always been known for its gambling industry in the world, and the United States of Las Vegas, Monaco's monte carlo as the world's three major gambling cities. Gambling and entertainment are legal in Macao, and most visitors come to macau to admire gambling. Gamblers from all over the world come here to make big bets. So this is a paradise for adventurers.

Gambling has a long history in Macao. As early as 1847, Macao government issued a decree to legalize gambling.

Macao is known as a "gambling port", with a long history of more than 150 years. In the early years, the most popular gambling was booth and pai jiu. In the 20th century, western gambling games were introduced into Macao and integrated with local gambling laws, forming a diversified gambling structure. Macao is now one of the world's three largest gambling cities, known as the "Oriental monte carlo", "Oriental Las Vegas".

A promenade in the casino lobby of the Venetian Macao is full of the resplendent Italian wind

Parisian theme casino hotel, as if suddenly take you to the fine architecture of Paris, France...

nteresting name

the 10 longest street names read like tongue twisters

Macao street name is long is known, the longest street name is full of ten words, which are: lu yi shi rohan bati street, coglia admiral road. Most of the names of the long streets are related to the names of Portuguese celebrities, including those that are difficult to remember, such as the amida da lippilu road, one of the few main roads in Macao. Some street names read like urgent commands, such as dadi diao shi nadi road, block some la di du road, fat la ya mei hit the road, tourists want to read in less than 3 seconds!

34 pairs of street names twins