Macao - big pixel panorama

Precision: 43 billion pixel time: December 2016 place: Monte Fortress in Macao

The place where there are ancient and complete historic cities, easeful Taipa Coloane, solemn and holy church cluster, magnificent Macao third bridge, luxurious gambling house clusters, exciting F3 auto racing, and mouth-watering food is called Macao, which has the traditional Chinese culture and also the rich Portugal style.

After came to Macao, the Big Pixel team wanted to record such a city with cultural shocks, so we finally decided to photograph in the Monte Fortress, which is situated on the Ruins of St. Paul side and is also called St. Paul Fortress and Central Fortress. At the early stage, the Monte Fortress aimed to protect the church against pirates but later became an important place for military affairs. It has become one of the major scenic spots and historic sites in Macao. With a high elevation and broad field of vision, one can overlook the whole Macao and fully understand the diversity of the city on the Monte Fortress. With the modern city full of high-rise buildings on one side and dense old cities, the contrast of different height and the old and the new causes a great visual impact so that people can deeply feel the historic the Monte Fortress and rich deposits of the city.