Tiananmen Square – Big Pixel panorama

Precision: 42 billion pixel time: October 2015 Place: Tiananmen Gatetower

In 2014’s National Day, the Big Pixel Team reached Tiananmen Gatetower, center of Beijing city and the symbol of New China. In front of Tiananmen Gatetower, there is the Tiananmen Square, where the Monument to the People‘s Heroes and the solemn Chairman Mao Memorial Hall stand in the center. Recording the Chinese people’s persevering revolutionary spirit, it is a place of countless major political and historic events and also a place tourists must visit in Beijing. Tiananmen Square, which is from the Tiananmen Square in the north to the Zhengyangmen in the north and from the National Museum of China in the east and to the Great Hall of the People in the west, can accommodate 1,000,000 people’s grand assembly and is, thus, the largest urban square in the world.

One can overlook the Tiananmen Square on the Tiananmen Gatetower, where a lot of tourists imitate Chairman Mao’s classical waving at the Founding Ceremony to take photos, showing a very fantastic sense of time travel and a sense of national pride.