Bigpixel Photo: Victoria harbour, Hong Kong

Despite the vicissitudes of the past century and the ups and downs, Hong Kong has experienced challenges and risks, but it is still full of opportunities and hopes. When we focus on the present, Victoria harbour is not just a harbour. Wind and cloud racing, blowing great passion.Today, Victoria harbour is filled with freighters, sailboats, sampans and luxury cruise ships, as well as skyscrapers.Travelers from all over the world board sightseeing boats and enjoy the day and night scenery from the viewing platforms on both sides of the harbour, enjoying the different beauty of the harbour and the city spirit and temperament behind it.

The waves rush, the waves flow, the rivers never stop.

Since ancient times, every port, carrying the dream of traveling far. Shanghai is no exception. When we look further north, we will find that whether it is Hong Kong or Shanghai, the city's history is intertwined with the ocean, showing its unique culture and features.


A city, a picture, image only, but concentrated a hundred years of elegance. Replace the narration with vision, and experience the truth with details.This is the power of science and technology, but also the humanistic care behind the lens.