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Chinese Premier Li keqiang delivers a speech at the closing ceremony of the world Horticultural Expo in Beijing, Oct. 9, 2019. With the theme of "green life, beautiful home", the expo is colorful and fruitful. 110 countries and international organizations and more than 120 non-official participants responded positively, making it the largest international horticultural expo in history.

503 hectares of the park, 162 days, 9.34 million visits......Leave countless precious memories, a wonderful moment, a beautiful picture scroll. Let's look back at some of the highlights of the event.

Named "Jinxiuruyi", the Chinese pavilion is like a ruyi, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

▲ In front of the pavilion is a beautiful view of the field, in the field standing the style of paper-cut cattle sculpture.

Yongning pavilion stands on the top of Tiantian Mountain in the center of the expo park. It is a traditional building in Liaojin style. It is close to Jiao River in the north, overlooking the Yan Mountain, overlooking the Gui Rui lake, is the commanding heights of the park and landmark buildings, hence has the name "Yongning looking forward winning".

Flowers cluster the ancient style pavilions in Zhejiang Garden.

Yunnan Garden, Bai folk dwellings have "three lanes and one screen wall" characteristic architecture.

Hubei Garden, "Chu mountain asked" scenic area has the "harmony between man and nature" meaning.

Taiwan Garden, has the symbol of youth and vitality of the white line entrance.

 A tourist jumps in front of a silk road scroll in Gansu Garden.

Xinjiang Garden, using grinding brick, brick flowers and a variety of fancy, design decoration of the desert station.

Anhui Garden, green hills and water around the village, white walls dotted with black tiles.Through the pane, you can see the towering "Huifengwan yun" archway.

Beijing Garden, looking at the imperial garden through the white marble railing.

The 94 tall flower umbrellas outside the international pavilion are very eye-catching.These flower umbrellas float like a sea of flowers in the park.

The main building of the spiral structure in Azerbaijan Garden.

Grass hut in central Africa Garden

Dream entrance to Qatar garden

Carved wooden Windows in Turkish Garden

The Botanical Garden is one of the most distinctive buildings of the expo. Its exterior mechanism is inspired by the root system of plants, which visually presents the strong vitality of plants originally hidden in the ground, with strong visual impact.

Tropical plant greenhouse on the first floor of the botany house.

The multi-media exhibition hall of botany museum is used to reproduce the natural wonders of mangrove forest.

The night scene of the expo is charming, and the lighting decorations of various scenic spots in the park are lit up with the coming of night, which is very colorful. Guirui theatre performances of "the heart of the garden" light show, light painting works, etc.

A gorgeous light show with a round screen as the main body.

A gorgeous light show with a round screen as the main body.The "Qiancui pond" scenic spot on the side of the China pavilion.

The shuttle fruit jade core instant flower opens big screen.

A child takes a photo with the expo mascot "Little bud, Little bud flower".

However, there is good news that you have another chance: Yangzhou international horticultural exposition in 2021!

Don’t miss it again!