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There is a saying in shenzhen, Here comes the shenzhen people Inspired generations of people from all over the world come to shenzhen,The policy of reform and opening up has transformed former fishing villages into today's international first-tier cities. Miracles happen every day here,Everyone can achieve equal returns through hard work,The passion and blood of countless people have created the miracle of shenzhen.

The Big pixel team came to shenzhen The city of shenzhen was photographed at 646 meters high in shenzhen We've been standing in line at the elevator Because you need to take the first elevator in the morning The building was still under construction, If you miss the lift on the roof, it's hard to take it again in a day Because of the weather, we have been waiting in shenzhen for nearly two weeks 4 climbing the roof of the building,Take eight hours each time We were on the edge of the top floor at 646 meters The wind whistles in my ear,The foot is the whole shenzhen city At first we were very excited to see the beautiful scenery, But the length of the shoot is slowly draining away. I remember vividly the moment I was awakened from a snooze on the roof, It almost turned into a movie stimulus.

Finally, through our efforts, we made a panoramic view of shenzhen with more than 3 billion pixels。 And it prints a portion of it on the square,Covered with square Locals see the changes in shenzhen in such a unique way,Many old people were in tears。All people's efforts and efforts, shenzhen will not forget.